Prepared for Action.

17 Jul

Rivers of Hope

Across America, there are gyms everywhere: for men, women, body building, sculpting, toning and trimming. Most people go to the gym to shape their bodies to be more attractive. But when my friend Ron goes to a gym to jog or lift weights, his primary concern is not how big his muscles can get or how ripped his abs will be: Ron is on active duty in the military. When he trains, he is preparing his body for action.

Bible study can be like going to the gym. The question is: what is our motivation? Are we mostly concerned with sculpting our minds so that others will admire how well shaped they are? Like those who are diligent about hitting the gym every morning, hoping for physical admiration, we may be doing our “daily devotions” because we long to be acknowledged for our theological aptitude. Yet Peter, in his…

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