It’s an Avalanche, Not a Slippery Slope.

10 Jul

Rivers of Hope

Lucky Charms
Lucky Charms is celebrating Gay Pride Month with a rainbow marshmallow in its popular kids’ cereal. (Facebook)

For years, gay activists and their allies have mocked our “slippery slope” arguments about the implications of normalizing homosexual practice and homosexual “marriage,” telling us there is no slippery slope. It turns out they were right. It’s an avalanche, not a slippery slope!

In the last two years, we have witnessed unprecedented advances in “gay rights” in America and abroad, including the aggressive advocacy of President Obama, the revamping of the Boy Scouts, two major Supreme Court rulings and statewide votes legalizing same-sex “marriage.”

What else has come along with these “advances”?

1. Semantic insanity. As England moves toward redefining marriage, the Daily Telegraph reports, “The word ‘husband’ will in future be applied to women and the word ‘wife’ will refer to men, the Government has decided.” According…

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