Would Jesus Tweet?.

07 Jul

Rivers of Hope

Connecting social media
(Suphakit73/Free Digital Photos)

Technology has shifted yet again—this time advancing from “communication” technology to “connection” technology.

  • Technology 1 is industrial technology—mass production, systems, processes.
  • Technology 2 is information technology—computers, copy machines.
  • Technology 3 is communication technology—fax, overnight, email, the Internet.
  • Technology 4 is connection technology—Facebook, Twitter, Caring Bridge, Instagram, etc.

Of course, former technologies don’t go away. Instead, like amoebas, they divide and expand. While not every man will be drawn to technology at all, much less the “connections” of Technology 4, many men tilt in that direction, and especially younger men. In fact, it’s hard to imagine being thought of as relevant by younger men if you are technology resistant.

In the end, people, churches, denominations and ministries that fail to make a place for connection technologies will be marginalized (e.g., think about the “old time” Christian radio shows that seem stuck in a time…

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